Are we living inside a simulation created by alien computers?

(ORDO NEWS) — Modern science never ceases to amaze us with its discoveries and theories. One such theory that has generated controversy and debate relates to the question of whether our world is a reality or just a complex cosmic illusion. And although it seems that this is just a fantastic idea, NASA scientists say the opposite.

One of the most influential scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Rich Terrill, has suggested that our Universe may be just a simulation created by a programmer from the future. In his research, he considers the possibility that we live inside a huge model, created with the help of computing power that exceeds our imagination.

This idea raises many questions. Why did a programmer from the future decide to create such a simulation? Perhaps he wanted to find out how the Universe developed long before his time, or simply play with our destinies. But is there evidence to support this theory?

While studying the behavior of the Universe, scientists have discovered several interesting facts that may indicate that we are living inside a simulation. One of these facts is related to quantum mechanics. According to this rule, subatomic particles have no definite state until they are observed. This means that objects become reality only when they are observed.

This behavior of the Universe can be explained by the fact that it is simulated to save computing power. That is, it shows us only what we need to see at a certain point in time. This also explains the presence of finite units in our Universe, which can be compared to pixels. The universe consists of a finite number of these units, which makes it computable.

NASA supercomputers are already superior to the human brain in information processing speed. Moore’s Law predicts that within a decade computers will be able to simulate an entire human life in a month, and in thirty years – in an hour. This means that we are already on our way to creating our own holographic worlds.

So the idea that we live inside a simulation isn’t that far-fetched. However, there is no way yet to know whether our world is reality or just an illusion. We can only hope that this is not the case.


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