Archaeologists in Egypt discover ‘oldest and most complete mummy’

(ORDO NEWS) — Archaeologists in Egypt have discovered the oldest mummy ever found in Egypt.

The 4,300-year-old mummified remains were recently discovered during ongoing excavations of tombs near the Step Pyramid at Saqqara , about 24 kilometers from Cairo.

The mummified remains of a man named Gekashepes were found in a limestone sarcophagus covered with golden leaves at the bottom of a 15-meter-high cave, according to archaeologist Zahi Hawass, who leads the team .

“This mummy may be the oldest and most complete mummy found in Egypt to date,” said former Egyptian Minister of Antiquities Zahi Hawass.

The tombs date from the fifth and sixth dynasties, circa 2686-2181. BC, and Gekashepes was not the only ancient person found during excavations.

“The most important tomb belongs to the inspector of officials, overseer of the nobility and priest Khnumdzhedef in the pyramid complex of Unas, the last king of the fifth dynasty.

The tomb is adorned with scenes from everyday life,” Hawass told.

“The second largest tomb belonged to Mary, who held many important titles such as keeper of secrets and assistant to the great leader of the palace.”

Numerous wood and stone carvings have also been found, including two pairs.

The Step Pyramid at Saqqara was the first pyramid built in Egypt 4,700 years ago.

Ongoing excavations at Saqqara have unearthed impressive coffins, mummified lions, and even 2,600-year-old halloumi cheese. There are still many secrets to be revealed here.


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