Archaeologists discovered the disappeared ancient Roman city

(ORDO NEWS) — Archaeologists have found the disappeared ancient city of Neapolis after a storm exposed “strange stones” on the seabed. For a very long time this city played an important role and was considered prosperous, but no one could name its exact location.

It is reported by the Daily Express.

The city was founded by Yuri Caesar, but gradually, when numerous problems appeared in the empire, Neapolis began to decline. Munir Fantar searched for the disappeared city for 20 years, but numerous expeditions did not bring any results. He noted many times that Neapolis is the biggest mystery that he needed to unravel.

The unsuccessful searches continued until 2013. The place where the ancient city was located was discovered by accident thanks to a storm in the Mediterranean Sea. Strong winds removed water from the seabed off the coast of Nabeul in Tunisia. A few days later, the presence of strange stone structures was recorded.

Research has shown that these are numerous stone blocks, foundations of various buildings and columns. Fantar noted that experts were shocked by the find, because it turned out to be Neapolis, which they did not expect to find in the near future. Experts quickly mapped buildings, streets, and even an enormous industrial area. Soon, scientists hope to be able to determine exactly what role this mysterious city played in the fate of the Roman Empire.


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