Couple had twins of different races

(ORDO NEWS) — Leaetta Harris, who is both European and African American, and Lamba Crane, became the parents of unusual twins. In the family were born boys Makai and Ellion, who amaze everyone who sees them. Reported by the Daily Mail.

The family lives in the USA, in the city of Vermont. Immediately after the birth of the babies, they were shocked at how different they were from each other. Makai has dark skin and thick curly hair, dark eyes. Ellion was born practically without hair, and now they grow light golden. 

The boy has light skin and gray eyes. Gemini looks like they belong to completely different races. Leaetta admitted that she was already tired of telling everyone that her sons have one father and, in general, they are twins.

The woman also noted that she had never encountered anything like this before. Therefore, she considers her babies to be truly unique. Boys are dichorionic-diamniotic twins. They were simultaneously in the uterus, but at the same time they had different placentas, as well as separate sacs. Children were born by caesarean section with a difference of 4 minutes.

Boys differ not only in appearance, but also in characters, preferences. They quickly became famous on social networks, where their mother regularly uploads a variety of photos. The woman wants to demonstrate to everyone that families can be different and there are even such twins. In this way, she tries to combat racism, which she herself faced as a child.


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