Archaeologists discover 9,000-year-old artifacts in Oman

(ORDO NEWS) — The artifacts found at Vilayat Adam were discovered by a group of French-Italian archaeologists. According to researchers, the objects found date back to 7000 BC. Among the artifacts found, there are about 4 thousand arrows, tools, bronze figurines and other household items.

Reported by Omanobserver.

Archaeologists have been working here for a long time, the first excavations began in 2015. This area was a religious and commercial center at one time. This explains such a large number of items found. Although there are other assumptions.

At the excavation site, agricultural dams and stone walls were found. These objects are very similar to the terraces from the Green Mountain. Archaeologists suggest that earlier this place was a factory for the manufacture of weapons for self-defense and hunting.

Ahmed bin Mohammed al-Tamimi, director of the Department of Cultural Heritage in Al-Dahiilah province, spoke about how significant these finds are. At this place in ancient times there was a temple where divine services were held. Artifacts will help you learn more about the culture and life of people of those times.

After research, everything for artifacts will be transferred to museums in Oman.


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