Apophis could damage Earth’s satellites, expert says

(ORDO NEWS) — In the next hundred years, the Earth is not threatened by a collision with asteroids that have already been discovered by scientists. However, Apophis approaching the planet is capable of damaging geostationary satellites.

Nathan Eismont, a leading researcher at the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, spoke about this for the Science and Technology program on REN TV. According to the scientist, recently the asteroid hazard has been remembered again, but in recent years serious progress has been made in the study of celestial bodies.

“In 2029, the asteroid Apophis will fly very close to the Earth. This is the same asteroid that was actually discovered in 2004. It is not very large, but still large enough to cause a global catastrophe if it collided with the Earth In 2004, when it was discovered, according to those measurements, it was established that it would not collide soon – in 2036.

This caused not only panic, but great concern. And this gave its positive results. Sufficiently large financial resources were allocated, to build a network for detecting dangerous asteroids in order to check if it will collide or not?” Eismont notes.

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He recalled that back in 2011, they managed to get an answer to an alarming question related to Apophis. Scientists have found that the asteroid still “does not fall” into the planet.

“But in 2029, this asteroid will fly by a record close – at a distance of about 30 thousand kilometers from the Earth’s surface. This means that the asteroid will not damage the Earth in any way, but it can damage geostationary satellites, it is possible ,” the interlocutor added.

According to him, after the start of active research and discovery of asteroids, many celestial bodies were found.

“If by 2004 there were about 5 thousand known near-Earth asteroids, now there are 25 thousand of them. And every week some new one is discovered. But today there are no known asteroids that can collide with the Earth in the next hundred years.

Of those that may collide, we can recall Bennu and Ryuga. Both asteroids were investigated by special vehicles that were sent there, “Eismont explained.

The Japanese organized a mission to Ryugu, and the Americans decided to send an apparatus to Bennu. They have already been able to collect soil from the surface, samples from Ryugu have already been delivered to Earth.

“Let’s see what these asteroids will surprise us with, ” the scientist added.

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