Apollo equipment with “living insects” returned to Earth from the Moon

(ORDO NEWS) — NASA specialists have found “living insects” on the equipment that was returned from the Moon to our planet. Some experts have suggested that this is the best proof that life does exist in space.

To date, NASA has launched the Artemis program, which will bring two astronauts to the lunar surface in 2024. This will be the first time a human has stepped onto the surface of a satellite since the end of the Apollo project. After the Apollo 11 mission was completed, NASA dispatched a sixth mission a few months later. Her crew returned back to Earth with more than the space agency expected.

Emmy Shira Teitel, who is a space historian, said that the Apollo 12 mission was the second manned mission in which the crew was supposed to land on the lunar surface. In addition, the astronauts had to additionally restore modern equipment – the Surveyor-3 probe, which was installed a couple of years ago. The specialists also wanted to know what the lunar environment can do over time with what is on the surface of the satellite.

Seth Shostak added that NASA had an initial interest in leaving certain equipment on the lunar surface. This is a very important experiment. If in the future it is planned to build a base on the moon, then you need to prepare in advance for what may happen to it.

But after scientists returned to Earth, they were shocked. In the cell, they found something alive that had spent two years on the surface of the moon. Planetary scientist Chris McKay said that this could be the best evidence that life exists not only on our planet.


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