WHO calls on the world to prepare immediately for a new pandemic

(ORDO NEWS) — WHO has warned the whole world about a completely new threat that could soon befall humanity. It was also added that the coronavirus pandemic once again recalls how important it is to strengthen health care in absolutely every country. In addition, experts urged people to start preparing for a new pandemic, which may well break out in the near future.

On November 6, a statement appeared on the official website of WHO that measures to prepare for a new pandemic should be taken now. Representatives of the organization noted the fact that over the past year, those countries that have more developed medicine were able to better contain the spread of the coronavirus. The WHO also stressed that COVID-19 can be defeated solely with the help of “solidarity, science and quickly made the right decisions.”

For the first time ever, the world rallied around a common problem. Scientists from different countries are doing everything possible to develop an effective vaccine, to select high-quality means not only for the diagnosis of the disease, but also for its treatment. In addition, the development should be available to absolutely every person, regardless of his social status and status.

WHO representatives noted that the coronavirus pandemic should remind people that it is health that is the key to not only social, but also political and economic stability. It is worth noting that some time ago the head of the WHO announced that an effective vaccine against coronavirus may appear in the second half of next year. In this case, the first vaccine will be offered to those people who are at risk.


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