Ancient ruins discovered on Mars (VIDEO)

(ORDO NEWS) — Virtual archaeologist Jean Ward has discovered ancient ruins that are composed of megalithic blocks in photographs of the surface of Mars at Melas Mensa.

According to the researcher, this whole structure is 40 meters long and 20 meters wide. It is very likely that there are holes in it – an entrance or windows.

Ancient ruins 2

The rest of the structures found on Mars at Nili Fosse are very similar in structure to the ruins at Melas Mensah. Holes can also be seen on them. Near one of the buildings, a pyramidal structure is visible, around which megalithic blocks are scattered, and a disk-shaped artifact is also visible nearby.

The structures Ward discovered could provide strong evidence that Mars once had life. The discovered buildings look like they survived some serious catastrophe in ancient times.

The ufologist does not exclude that this could be a consequence of the use of nuclear weapons on the planet, which destroyed the Martian civilization. However, some researchers believe that the Martians are still alive and have gone into the interior of the planet – to built underground cities.

We wrote earlier about a similar Martian find made by virtual archaeologist Scott Waring. The buildings he found differ from those found by Ward, but in both cases, the researchers talk about the presence of pyramidal structures.


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