An unusual video appeared on the web: a huge flock of tuna chasing a white shark

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — A very unusual video was uploaded to the Dronesy YouTube channel. Posted by user Eric Jones. The video clearly shows how a flock of tuna is moving behind a huge white shark along the coast of Mexico. It is worth noting that the video was shot using a drone. An interesting fact is that it is clear that tuna do everything possible to catch up with a shark, but it does not pay any attention to them.

“It was very interesting to watch what was happening. Cases where prey begins to pursue some dangerous predator are extremely rare. The tuna was swimming behind the white shark while it was just wandering in the coastal waters. Some tuna even managed to hook shark fins, and then returned to the school again. What is really happening can be called an amazing event,” says Eric Jones.

What was that? The explanation for such an incredible event was given by Dr. Chris Lowe, who is the director and one of the professors of California State University, located in Long Beach.

“I have heard more than once about how pilot fish behave, stick or Japanese lacedra. You can see how they rub against white sharks quite often. A similar event can often be found in the area of ​​the island of Guadalupe. The reason for this behavior is ectoparasites, which provoke the occurrence of severe itching. At the same time, the skin of the sharks resembles a very hard sandpaper and it is very convenient to scratch it,” said Chris Lowe.

The professor added that he has some familiar extremal drivers who have repeatedly seen something like this, but at the same time did not take what was happening on camera.


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