Scientists discovered another reason for the development of oncology

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Scientists conducted another study and were shocked by the results. It is no secret to anyone that most often oncology begins to develop as a result of smoking, unhealthy nutrition and under the influence of various viruses and parasites. But these are not all the reasons that can trigger the oncology.

As it turned out, street lighting, which is present in the dark, is also a cause of cancer, because it significantly increases the risk. In this case, breast cancer can develop. If women are regularly exposed to street lighting, then the risk of this disease in them increases by about 10%.

For 16 years, specialists from the United States compared the incidence rates in 200,000 women. At the same time, women were taken into account only from those regions where there is a huge amount of artificial lighting on the streets. At the same time, specialists took into account women who survived menopause, because before, very few studies were conducted in which this category took part.

There is a version that artificial light can adversely affect the circadian rhythms of the female body. Because of this, several times less melatonin begins to be produced, which plays a very important role.

Melatonin is able to prevent the appearance and further growth of tumors. Accordingly, if insufficient amounts are produced in the body, the risk of developing oncology increases significantly. In addition, melatonin has a positive effect on human immunity, because it makes more active not only the thyroid, but also the thymus. The hormone can lower anxiety and make the emotional state more stable.


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