Americans made a jet flying motorcycle the future is already here

(ORDO NEWS) — Mayman Aerospace has unveiled its first flying motorcycle, the Speeder P2. It is reported that he will be able to accelerate to 800 km / h.

Unlike electric models with propellers, this transport is much faster and more durable. So he can enter our lives much faster

Established over 10 years ago, JetPack Aviation has unveiled its new brand, Mayman Aerospace. Produced under this name, the models will be small, but very maneuverable and powerful flying motorcycles with vertical takeoff and landing. The very first in the line will be the Speeder P2 model.

Flying motorcycle with jet engines

The Speeder P2 is powered by eight jet engines that run on sustainable aviation fuels with either no or minimal CO2 emissions.

The transport features an attractive glossy carbon fiber angled body and an ergonomic pilot position designed to improve flight efficiency through improved aerodynamics.

The speeder has a modular design – it can also be configured so that it can move autonomously or be controlled remotely.

For the most part, the new flying motorcycle is intended for use by police, rescuers and the military as a small personal VTOL vehicle, but autonomous or remote-controlled modifications will greatly expand the potential applications of this vehicle.

The Speeder P2 can also serve as an industrial cargo transport capable of flying in cargo mode up to 644 km at speeds of over 805 km/h while carrying loads up to 450 kg.

The company says it is working with the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to obtain flight certification for the Speeder P2 and is in talks with potential customers in the areas of national defense, cargo transportation, forest firefighting and disaster relief.


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