AI-generated comic strip found to be unprotected by copyright laws

(ORDO NEWS) — The U.S. Copyright Office has refused to acknowledge the copyright of an artificial intelligence (AI) comic.

The user of the Midjourney neural network, Chris Kashtanova, created a comic called Dawn of Dawn with the help of AI and decided to secure copyright on the work.

At first, the US Copyright Office registered Kashtanova’s rights, but then withdrew its decision, explaining that the Bureau’s specialists mistakenly lost sight of the fact that it was the Midjourney neural network that created the comic, so copyright protection does not apply to this work of art, since it not created by humans.

This precedent may give rise to a new round of discussions in the legal eligibility of creating works of art using neural networks and again raises the question of whether a neural network can be considered an artist, and whether the images created by it are intellectual property (and if so, whose).


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