A woman marries a man she has never dated

(ORDO NEWS) — A woman and a man, who had never seen each other before, got married in the small town of Sheffield, in the UK, in the county of South Yorkshire. The bride first saw her future husband directly at the wedding. She fell in love with a man at first sight.

In 2019, a teacher named Michelle Jenkins, who at that time was 27 years old, realized that it was time for her to start a family.

She wanted to find a man who would like to marry and have children, but the Englishwoman did not even know how to do this. The woman did not want to get acquainted on the Internet, because she had previously met guys from dating sites and it did not end well.

The TV show Marriage at First Sight helped solve the problem. The rules of the show state that the hosts will independently choose the grooms for the participants.

Those, in turn, will get acquainted with the chosen ones only during the marriage ceremony. Jenkins applied, and in March 2020 she came to the hall with guests, where her future husband Owen, who works as an IT specialist, was waiting for her.

The Briton said that everything happened as if in a fog, but when she approached the groom, she saw that he was quite handsome.

The first wedding night was very unusual. They talked until early morning and found out that there was a lot in common between them.

A week later, Jenkins told her husband that she had fallen in love with him. After the honeymoon ended, the newlyweds began to live together and after a while the pandemic began. Because of this, they were constantly together, which had a very good effect on their relationship.

Literally a year after the wedding on the show, Owen made a real proposal to his wife and showed that he loves her and wants to continue to be with her. The Briton noted that this moment was incredibly important for them.


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