A US scientist will go to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean to find a fallen UFO

(ORDO NEWS) — The object has been there for more than eight years. If it is possible to prove that the technology is of alien origin, then this will completely refute the statement of the US Space Command.

Astrophysicist Avi Loeb will embark on an expedition in the spring of 2023 in search of an alien ship that crashed into the Pacific Ocean back in 2014. He plans to retrieve the object from the bottom.

If a scientist from Harvard University manages to prove that it is an alien probe, the discovery will disprove the US Space Command’s claim. According to their report, the body is a meteor.

An unknown body interested the scientist as early as eight years ago. Then the object fell into the ocean north of Papua New Guinea. The researcher immediately noted that he is in fact a model of alien technology.

Avi Loeb analyzed the trajectory and determined that the body was moving at a speed of 216 thousand kilometers per hour.

This is significantly faster than any meteorites and asteroids circulating through the solar system. In this connection, I concluded that the object arrived from another system.

However, the discovery was stopped by the US Space Command, which concluded in its report that it was a meteorite.

“We are planning an expedition to Papua New Guinea to explore the ocean floor and find out the composition of this object. Last month, I received a million and a half dollars to conduct this expedition, ”the New York Post quoted Loeb as saying.

At the same time, despite the planned expedition, Loeb is sure that scientists will need a lot of time to understand the purpose of finding alien objects on Earth.


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