A terrible sight the darkness covered Beijing in broad daylight

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Unusual shots were published on the Web, showing how in broad daylight in a few minutes the darkness descends on the capital of China.

Filmed on May 21 at 15:30 a video captures the cityscape that appeared in the darkness. Ten minutes ago it was still quite light, but now the camcorder captures the darkness.

Footage was posted by Victory Entertainment on May 24 on his Youtube page. Since the publication, it has already accumulated about 10 thousand views.

Some users called it a very strange phenomenon, since even in cloudy and rainy weather it is not so dark. Other commentators have called it real madness.

Some felt that this mysterious sight was connected with a powerful storm that swept Beijing and lightning, which was an instant before the frames received.

Conspirologists associated this event with the two annual conferences of the Communist Party, saying that this is all a sign from heaven.

After some time, the video shows how the clouds covered the sky, and it began to rain heavily.

Some researchers believe that this phenomenon is directly related to the current environmental situation in China. Recently, the celestial industry began to come to life, and a huge amount of dust and gas rising above the cities cover the sky. And thunderclouds over the capital of China only intensified the dimming effect.


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