The transportation of a boy in Manil until now causes amazement in researchers

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — A whole year of a 13-year-old Filipino boy was tormented by something that at first he mistook for an Angel. When it appeared next to him in the image of a beautiful girl, he suddenly moved to other places, that is, spontaneous teleportation happened to him.

Cases of spontaneous teleportation of people – sudden and invisible to the victim himself from one area to another – are rare and most often associated with the forest.

In the forests, a person loses his usual landmarks and can easily get lost, which is why skeptics explain the teleportation in the forest with something like that, they say, in a forest a person loses the sense of time and can’t properly track how far he has gone if the same trees are around him.

But such “explanations” are extremely difficult to impose on those cases when teleportation occurs in the city, and even more so when it is associated with other paranormal phenomena.

One clear September day in 1951, a 13-year-old student named Cornelio Closa walked home with his classmate from Zamora Elementary School in Manila, Philippines. It was a good day and there were no signs of oddities, but when the boys crossed the open field, Cornelio suddenly froze and turned pale.

His friend Rudolfo asked him what happened and why Cornelio’s eyes became bulging like fish. To this, the boy replied that right now he sees a girl in a white dress and long blond hair, which hovers low above the grass. Only Cornelio saw this girl, for Rudolfo everything looked as if his friend was looking at an empty place.

After that, Cornelio suddenly … disappeared. This happened right in front of his friend’s eyes and certainly was not some kind of trick. In an instant, the boy was still standing next to Rudolfo, and after a split second he was nowhere to be found. Rudolfo was terribly afraid and rushed to run home with all his might.

This was only the very beginning of a series of paranormal phenomena associated with Cornelio Clos.

When Rudolfo ran to his house, which was next to Cornelio’s house, he saw Cornelio alive and unharmed, standing near his house in a daze. He began to ask what had happened to him and then Cornelio said that the girl first began to talk with him, and then touched him with his hand.

After that, the boy abruptly felt himself completely weightless, like a feather and did not have time to blink, as he saw. that is no longer on the field, but near the house.

Both Cornelio and Rudolfo talked and decided not to tell anyone about it. Because adults will not believe for anything, but they can easily scold. However, for Cornelio the problem was not solved in silence about the strange incident, something influenced him so that now the cheerful, kind and cheerful boy sharply became sullen, grumpy and aggressive. He began to get involved in fights, skipped school and quickly gained a reputation as an evil bully.

All this was accompanied by strange incidents, when he disappeared several times in front of his family members or other people, and appeared in another place, often scaring eyewitnesses. One day he disappeared right in front of his entire school class in a lesson.

Cornelio later tells that he was disappearing when the girl in white came to him again and touched him with his hands. She endowed him with certain other superpowers.

You probably already managed to wonder how all this wonderful story with such details became known. Once Cornelio could not stand the fact that all this was happening to them and shared with his school teacher. He told everything in such a way that the man didn’t even think that the boy had written all this, besides the teacher personally saw that moment with his disappearance in the classroom.

The school teacher, in turn, some time later told the American evangelical missionary Lester Sumrall about this. Samrall, in turn, wrote this story some time later in his book “Alien Entities. A look behind the door to the spirit realm”. Sumrall has long been fascinated by demonology and paranormal phenomena, linking all this with religion. He has published many books on this subject.

Back to the unfortunate boy. Here is how his further behavior on behalf of his teacher is described in the book:

“Cornelio began to cause unrest at school. The strangest thing about this was that he was a short little boy, while he could simultaneously start a fight against 3-4 older and stronger boys and win. He was incredibly strong.

Once I called him to a board in a lesson to tell him the task, he went to the board, stood there for a while, and then … evaporated! I was very excited about these incidents and I even decided that I had lost my mind and that I needed to quit my job as a teacher. I also remember how Cornelio often and for a long time laughed. It was an unnatural and disgusting laugh, it did not belong to the boy himself and did not even belong to man.”

The boy’s strange behavior finally bothered his parents. They also began to complain that Cornelio had become very aggressive and that he fell into an animal state and once even attacked his father. Even in his presence, it was not clear where various things had gone, dishes were broken and Cornelio was blamed for everything. In response to the attacks, Cornelio sometimes growled like a wild beast.

He continued to disappear even from locked rooms and appear suddenly in other places. Eyewitnesses reported that he could go through the wall, as if not noticing it. The same thing happened repeatedly with a locked door.

Sometimes during his disappearances, people felt an incomprehensible and strong stench, which intensified the panic from what had happened. Sometimes the boy disappeared inexplicably for several hours, and when he appeared, he assured me that he did not remember anything about where he was.

“Parents told me that their whole family was sitting in the front yard and the children were playing there when Cornelio suddenly disappeared. The children immediately began to feel sick due to the sharp and disgusting stench that arose at the time of his disappearance. When he disappeared, he could not be 2 or more days, and when he appeared, he could arise in bed and sleep soundly. He could go into houses without using doors or windows, he would suddenly find himself inside the house.”

Cornelio himself told me that it seemed to him as if he was losing his mind and he himself did not exactly understand what was happening to him, like his surroundings. He said that something pursued him and everything paranormal happened without his participation under the influence of something external. Later, he himself spoke about all this in an interview with reporters.

“It became almost impossible for me to sleep, it didn’t leave me. I began to sweat profusely, my clothes could catch fire. I could open my eyes and immediately see the face of this girl who looked at me and called to her. Every time she touched I felt like floating in the air, then I disappeared from the house for several days and I could not explain to my family what had happened.

The girl made me promise not to tell them anything. I felt incredible heat in my whole body. Whenever someone spoke to me, parents or other people, I felt a desire to rudely answer them or scream. I did not want to growl, but I could not help myself. When no one bothered me, I sat and waited for it to come.

I did not know why, but I was waiting for this girl. Many times we went to the cinema with her and no one saw us. When I was with her, I did not feel tired or hungry. With her, I could go through closed doors and walls. Sometimes I was absent for three days, but I myself did not know how long it lasted.”

Cornelio began to be led by psychologists, doctors, and other mental health professionals, but no one understood what was happening to him. Parents felt that they had no other choice when they sent the boy to the social welfare center, but because of his constant hooliganism and aggression, Cornelio was soon returned to the family. After that, he ended up in a juvenile correctional facility, but did not stay there for a long time.

“In the hospital, I was confusing. The doctors were kind and told me to be a good boy, but I didn’t hear them. Then my father sent me to a juvenile correctional facility, but I behaved badly there too. Because of my violent outbreaks, I they tied me to a bed. When I was returned home, my parents decided that it was their fate to live with such a monster.”

This with the boy lasted a whole year, regularly intensifying, until the Klose family decided to turn to the priest for help. It was then that Lester Sumrall appeared in this story, and when he realized that Cornelio was something amazing, he began to question his family members, school teachers and others who had contact with him.

Sumrall understood what he was facing when the local pastor told him that he had heard the “Devil’s voice” coming from the boy. In turn, Sumrall himself saw that Cornelio was very unpleasant to enter the church. When he asked him what the problem was, Cornelio said that he saw that girl again.

“The girl appeared at the door of the church and now her face was terrible. When she pointed at me, I covered my face, and when I looked at her again, she turned into something scary. It was no longer a girl, not an adult woman, that something else. ”

This convinced Sumrall that the girl was a disguised demon and that the child needed the rite of exorcism that he soon performed. The ceremony was positive and the boy immediately felt better. He said that the girl no longer comes to him.

Cornelio later said that at first he considered the girl an Angel and only later realized that she was something sinister. Sumrall questioned many local residents and received many eyewitness accounts of what happened to the child. In 1965, Sumrall told American journalists about this and then this incident became known to the whole world. Since then, a lot of people study the history of Cornelio Klose’s obsession, some of whom are convinced that nothing paranormal happened here, and all this was just children’s hysteria. But Lester Sumrall himself firmly answers them that the story of a boy who disappeared and appeared in other places is completely true.

“I hired people who checked the facts and I asked the police who signed the testimonies. We checked everything very carefully. We did not find the slightest lie or distortion. This is by far one of the most well-documented cases in our archives and it’s interesting to note that a well-known religious leader, Rev. Baker, came from the USA to the Philippines to check on this case. He wrote to me, “Without your knowledge, I visited the Philippines, contacted Cornelio, a school teacher, parents and neighbors. I found that all of this is absolutely true.”

Further, the case of Cornelio was written by many researchers of paranormal phenomena, including the popular author Brad Steiger. They also did not find traces of fake or searches of popularity in this.


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