A resident of Portugal has milk from her armpit after giving birth

(ORDO NEWS) — A couple of days after giving birth, a rather painful formation began to appear in the woman’s right armpit.

Of course, childbirth can provoke different changes in the body, but a young mother from Portugal was somewhat shocked by what was happening. Soon after the formation appeared, milk began to flow from it. Reported by The New England.

The woman immediately turned to specialists who conducted an examination and found that white discharge appears from the formation of a round shape. She was diagnosed with polymastia, in which extra breast tissue appears in the body where it shouldn’t be.

According to a 1999 study, approximately 6% of women are born with this extra tissue. Sometimes she may also have a nipple with an areola, but this is extremely rare.

The presence of another breast is not always suspected. Women, as a rule, find out about its presence only during pregnancy or even after childbirth. Milk begins to form in the accessory tissue just like in a normal breast. In the part of the body where it is located, severe painful sensations or swelling may occur.

Experts reassured mom from Portugal, because her condition does not pose any threat.

At the same time, doctors advised her to undergo a special screening in order to exclude breast cancer and not to worry in the future. It is worth noting that additional breast tissue is checked in the same way as normal breast tissue.


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