A real cloud settled in the man’s garage

(ORDO NEWS) — The user of “Tik-Tok” with the nickname kdsburneraccount357 surprised with his next post and statement. So, in the video for March 30, you can see a cloud that allegedly settled in the garage of a guy named Tai.

When Ty entered the garage, he found an airy formation spread across the entire width of the room. The guy brought the camera closer to show that the shot is not some kind of effect, filter, etc. The resulting cloud resembles a thick white fog.

The blogger ran his hand through the fog, but he did not even think to dissipate. The commentators started joking that the guy was loading textures, there were bugs after the update. Some noted that the sun’s rays could fall on the dust.

Even if there is nothing mystical and surprising in the story, it still attracts. The video, by the way, has received more than 400 thousand views.


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