Swiss scientist claims the Sun and Earth are portals for aliens

(ORDO NEWS) — Aliens use the Sun as a portal. In addition, there is a black hole inside the Earth, which also acts as a portal.

Humanoids penetrate into the bowels of the Earth through the vents of volcanoes. Passages lead straight to a black hole, from where creatures are easily and quickly transported to other points in the universe.

The theory about aliens, the sun and interstellar travel was put forward by a scientist from Switzerland Nassim Haramein. He is sure that humanoids do not need to travel in spaceships for a long time: they use portals, the same Sun, and find themselves in the right place in a matter of seconds.

The sun can connect our solar system with other points in the universe. This could be both within our galaxy and far beyond the Milky Way. The portals are powered by the energy of black holes. The hole can become an interstellar portal once it is stable.

It is a black hole that feeds our Earth. Its presence in the bowels explains why so many UFOs have been seen near the vents of volcanoes.

Ancient civilizations worshiped the Sun. Perhaps they were in contact with aliens, but with each new generation, this contact was lost.


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