A powerful outbreak occurred on the star closest to the Sun

(ORDO NEWS) — Proxima Tsentarva – this is the name of a star located “next to the Sun”. Literally in an instant, it became brighter almost 14 thousand times. Scientists who noticed this moment are still vigorously discussing what is happening.

It is reported by Phys.org.

At Boulder University, Colorado, astrophysicist Meredith McGregor told the following facts about Proxima Centauri:

  • It is a small but very powerful star for its size.
  • It is a red dwarf.
  • The distance from it to the Sun is only 4 light years.
  • It keeps two planets in its orbit.
  • The mass of a star is equal to 1/8 the mass of the Sun.

McGregor and his team continuously monitored this celestial body for 40 hours and 9 telescopes. The observation was carried out simultaneously from space and from the Earth.

Still, we managed to capture a flash of incredible power. Proxima Centauri immediately began to shine brighter 14 thousand times. Scientists are hinting at new discoveries that could completely revolutionize the concept of phenomena such as flares in stars.

The burst lasted 7 seconds, and the dynamics of the explosion can be compared to UV in radio emission. Most often, such anomalies occur as a result of strong bends of magnetic fields around celestial bodies. In such explosions, stars can eject isotopes into space. Our planet is located in just a few of these clouds.

By the way, explosions on the Sun are at least 100 times more powerful. However, for a red dwarf, such phenomena are also considered quite serious.


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