One of the mysteries of the Dead Sea Scrolls solved

(ORDO NEWS) — Researchers studied what was written on the scroll using a special tool. Thanks to its use, it was possible to solve one of the mysteries that are encrypted on the Dead Sea scrolls. It turned out that one of the oldest texts was written by two people, and not one as previously thought.

Reported by New Atlas.

So, a new method, namely machine learning, was developed by researchers from the University of Groningen. This method offers a completely new clue with which it was possible to unravel one of the mysteries.

One of the first Dead Sea Scrolls is the Isaiah Scroll. It was discovered more than half a century ago, namely in 1946. It is in excellent condition: the fonts are perfectly visible, the material has retained its integrity. The complete book of Isaiah is written on it.

To this day, scientists are engaged in heated debates around this historical artifact. Someone needed an outside view, insisted the theological historian Mladlen Popovich. He then decided that in this situation, artificial intelligence would be the most objective.

It was the AI ​​that recognized the handwriting of two different people on the scroll. To confirm this theory, Mladlen suggested examining in more detail the letters that are most often found on the pages of the scroll (there are 17 of them in total).

The human eye could not pick up the visible differences, but the AI ​​could. The fact is that the writers mimicked each other, wrote in a similar handwriting. This may indicate that such texts were written in the circle of the same family or school, or other community.


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