A planet on which life can exist

(ORDO NEWS) — Astronomers suggest that a planet with life may actually be located near the dying sun. If the information can be confirmed, then this will be the first time a planet has been discovered in this way.

The exoplanet was found in the zone that is suitable for life. Its parent star is a white dwarf. The researchers note that at such a distance, the planet is not too hot and not very cold, so life may well be present on it.

The results of the study, led by Jay Farihy of University College London, have been published on the website of the Royal Astronomical Society. He noted that such an observation is carried out by astronomers for the first time.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that after their death, large stars turn into black holes, and smaller ones, similar to the Sun, become white dwarfs.

In simpler terms, white dwarfs are those stars that have completely used up their outer layers, as a result of which they were left without their outer layers.

As a rule, they are no larger than a planet and at the same time emit light of a bluish-white hue. The alleged planet, which was discovered by experts, is located at a distance of no more than 117 light years from Earth.

To date, experts do not have enough accurate evidence that this planet actually exists. If we assume that it is still not far from the white dwarf, then the first evidence will be the movement of 65 different structures, which are almost the same size as the Moon. They revolve around that “zone in which life can exist.”

Scientists emphasize the fact that there is no change in distance between structures. This may indicate that they are affected by the gravity of some planet, which is located at a minimum distance from them.

It is worth noting that a habitable zone is considered to be one where water in a liquid state can be present without problems.


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