New strain of COVID-19 could kill many more people

(ORDO NEWS) — In most US states and in Europe, they began to lift restrictions that relate to the coronavirus. At the same time, there were warnings from WHO that the pandemic was not over. Experts suggest that soon another strain may appear, which will provoke a huge number of deaths.

Experts are sure that restrictions should be lifted very carefully. That is why they demand that governments provide strong evidence that the bans can be removed without any negative consequences.

Epidemiologist Mark Woolhouse from the University of Edinburgh paid special attention to the fact that after Omicron, several more strains of COVID-19 may well appear.

Not the fact that they will be the same “easy”. Omicron did not become a continuation of Delta. He came from another part of the family tree of a dangerous virus. Since experts cannot even guess where the next mutation will occur in the future, they urge to be as careful as possible.

Dr. David Nabarro, in turn, emphasizes that no one knows exactly how possible new strains of coronavirus will behave. Many other specialists from different countries have exactly the same opinion. Future strains can be both “light” and quite pathogenic. It is not possible to establish this in advance.

The WHO continues to say that the end of the pandemic is still a very long time. David Nabarro urges state authorities to take into account the fact that the number of infected people who will need immediate medical attention can increase dramatically.


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