A new project to study the moon for amateur astronomers

(ORDO NEWS) — Amateur astronomers and enthusiasts of all ages are invited to help find places on the surface of the Moon that could pose a danger to rovers or astronauts.

As part of the 2022 EXPLORE Lunar Data Challenge project, it is proposed to explore the area of ​​​​Archit crater, which is located near the landing site of Apollo 17.

The Lunar Data Challenge machine learning program is open to students, researchers and professionals in areas related to planetary science, as well as to anyone with experience in data processing.

A competition was also organized to build a safe route for the lunar rover, in which everyone can participate.

Announcing the EXPLORE Machine Learning Challenge this week during the Europlanet Science Congress (EPSC) 2022 in Granada, Spain, Giacomo Nojumi said the challenge uses data captured by the NAC camera during the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) mission.

The studied region of the Moon contains craters of various ages, boulders, mounds, and a long winding depression. This area is very interesting to explore and is an ideal location for the Lunar Data Challenge.

The Machine Learning Challenge consists of three phases: First, participants must train and test a model capable of recognizing craters and boulders on the Moon’s surface.

Second, they must use their model to represent craters and boulders in the Archyta Zone image set. Finally, they must use the results of their models to create an optimal route that will allow them to visit certain sites of scientific interest and avoid hazards.

The EXPLORE project brings together experts from various fields of science to develop new tools that will advance the use of space science data.

“Through the EXPLORE Data Challenges program, we aim to raise awareness of the scientific instruments we develop, improve their accuracy by drawing on the expertise of other communities, and engaging schools and the public in space science research,” said Nick Cox, EXPLORE project coordinator.


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