Appearance of UFOs influenced the outcome of the battle in 776 AD.

(ORDO NEWS) — During the siege of Sigiburg Castle in France, a group of UFOs was seen. The Saxons surrounded and besieged the French.

They were fighting when suddenly a group of flying disks (flaming shields) appeared over the roof of the church.

It seemed to the Saxons that this heavenly army came to the aid of the French and they fled, retreating from the besieged castle.

There is an illustration of what happened in a 12th-century manuscript of the Annales Laurissenses (books of historical and religious events). The objects depicted in the sky are real “flying saucers” with many windows on the sides.

Annales Laurissenses describes this event as follows: “… and on the same day when they (the Saxons) were preparing for a new attack on the Christians living in the castle, thank God a miraculous sign appeared over the church inside the fortress.

Watchers on the square and outside – many of whom are still alive today – saw what looked like two large reddish flaming shields moving over the church itself.


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