A new ocean will appear on Earth due to the split of Africa

(ORDO NEWS) — The African continent is made up of several different tectonic plates. They move slowly all the time and gradually the distance between them increases. Africa consists of the Somali, Arabian and Nubian plates. In the future, such a distance may arise between them that another full-fledged ocean will form.

It is reported by NBC News.

As noted by experts from the University of Leeds, in one of the regions of Africa, namely in Afar, the oceanic crust began to form. It has many differences from the crust that is characteristic of the continent. In addition, the density indices differ and there is a different composition. Experts believe that this process will allow them to study in more detail how the tectonic rupture occurs and what can provoke it.

Today, most scientists are inclined to believe that the plates began to diverge due to the presence of a huge amount of hot rocks that bubble directly at the point of contact of tectonic plates. At the same time, experts add that it is almost impossible to confirm theories of this kind.

Longtime geologist Ken McDonald talked about scientists using GPS measurements to keep track of plate movements. This method allows you to notice any changes, even if they do not exceed a couple of millimeters per year. The geologist added that the ocean could form completely in 5-10 million years.


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