32 kilograms in 10 months: a man spoke about his method of losing weight

(ORDO NEWS) — One of the residents of India spoke about his effective method of losing weight, who managed to lose 32 kilograms in just 10 months.

Reported by The Times of India.

Prashant Naidu began gaining extra weight quickly in 2019 due to an injury and a significant decrease in physical activity. Then the coronavirus pandemic began and self-isolation led to the fact that the movement was reduced to a minimum. At the same time, the weight began to increase even faster. In a short period of time, he already began to weigh 110 kilograms.

The man was inspired by the fight between Larry Holmes and Muhammad Ali. Prashant realized that he urgently needed to lose weight. He looked at Ali, who was already far from being in the best shape. He withstood all the blows and gave all his best in the ring.

The very first thing the man reviewed his diet and began to eat right. He began to eat oatmeal with proteins for breakfast, chicken and rice for lunch. Prashant emphasized that during the daytime he does not pay much attention to the number of calories consumed. For dinner, he has chicken breast, yogurt, and a light vegetable salad.

Additionally, Naidu began to lead a more active lifestyle. Sports activities involve not only strength training, but also cardio training. The daily routine was also changed to get enough sleep. There are no foods in his diet that can harm his health.

Prashant was able to lose 32 kilograms in 10 months and will continue further. He added that sports have become a very important part of his life, which allows him to become not only healthier, but also stronger.


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