A meteorite found in England that existed before the formation of the planets

(ORDO NEWS) — A unique space object was discovered in Gloucestershire. If specialists in the near future find amino acids in it, then they will be able to obtain completely new data on how life originated in the early solar system. A meteorite was found in a footprint left on a field by a horseshoe.

This is reported by Space.com.

A piece of stone that has already begun to collapse is considered a unique specimen. It arose even when the planets were just beginning to emerge in the solar system. Its age is approximately 4.6 billion years.

A meteorite is a carbonaceous chondrite that is very rare on our planet. Such space objects emerge from the asteroid belt located between Jupiter and Mars.

Quite often, these meteorites contain carbonaceous compounds or organic ones. These include amino acids, which are essential elements for the structure of life. That is why experts began to wonder if this meteorite contained any clues about how the first living beings got into the solar system.

This piece of meteorite did not heat up and did not endure strong enough collisions, so it will be quite simple to study it. The stone has a small size, but this is quite enough to carry out all the research necessary for experts.


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