Scientists told who the coronavirus threatens the most

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts from Britain conducted another study, during which they established who most often dies from coronavirus. They determined that in most cases, patients who are over 40 die, they did not receive the vaccine, and at the same time do not have any chronic diseases.

It is worth noting that before the start of vaccination in the UK, people with diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity most often became victims of the coronavirus.

Reported by the Daily Mail.

The reason may lie in the fact that people over 60 years old are most vaccinated in Britain. The rest of the age groups are not vaccinated in that amount. The average age of patients with coronavirus who are in hospital is 42 years.

The experts also added that the increase in mortality due to vaccinations is just a rumor. At the same time, John Edmunds notes the fact that even those people who have been vaccinated can become infected.

The reason for this is that about five percent of people vaccinated may not have an immune response, and another five will be too weak. According to Edmunds, if all people were vaccinated, then there would be much fewer deaths, but absolutely all of them would be recorded among those who received the vaccine.


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