A flock of birds suddenly drop dead in Mexico (VIDEO)

(ORDO NEWS) — A video of birds dropping dead in Mexico has gone viral on social media. Experts suggested that a bird of prey could have been the cause of the incident. But is it?

The incident took place in the northern Mexican city of Cuauhtemoc, raising questions about its cause.

The footage shows hundreds of birds falling from the sky under mysterious circumstances. While most of them flew away, the carcasses of some birds could be seen strewn about the streets.

According to experts, the birds were likely “dropped from above by a bird of prey swooping down to catch prey,” according to The Guardian.

Dr Richard Broughton, an ecologist at the British Center for Ecology and Hydrology, said: “It looks like a peregrine or hawk-like predator was chasing the flock and they broke up when the flock was forced to descend. You can see that at first they act like a wave, as if they are being washed away from above.”

Shortly thereafter, speculation emerged that 5G technology was behind the incident. Local media reported that veterinarians were blamed for the increase in pollution levels. Some have also suggested that the birds were electrocuted.


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