2 Americans run away from national park after encountering Bigfoot

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(ORDO NEWS) — Bigfoot hunting has long been a national pastime in the United States. There are dozens of territories here that are considered places of frequent encounters with bigfoots.

And it is here that bigfoot hunters try to get in search of fresh evidence of the reality of these creatures.

It is worth noting that bigfoot hunters very rarely please their like-minded people with concrete and clear evidence of the existence of a bigfoot, but they continue to stubbornly search for such facts.

Once again, they talked about meeting a bigfoot in Francis Marion National Park in South Carolina. At the same time, a huge humanoid creature was met here at once by two hunters separately.

They described their experiences on the pages of the Reddit social network, where they assured users that they had to face Bigfoot almost face to face, because of which they even got injured.

But the hunters could not capture any evidence of their meeting. And Internet users flatly refused to believe the word “eyewitnesses of Bigfoot”.

Therefore, in addition to the injuries they got, they will have to return to the national park and try to find more clear pictures of the bigfoot.


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