17-year-old girl said that during a clinical death she saw future grandchildren

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — After a terrible accident, a 17-year-old girl said that she saw when she was unconscious. A heroine of history named Michaela Roser watched a white light, and after a while pictures of the past, present and future began to appear.

The accident itself happened 20 years ago, today a 37-year-old woman recalls her to the smallest detail. Michaela was driving with her parents, when suddenly a car driving behind lost control and crashed into them. The young lady then remembered the moment of her death.

As the girl said then, during a clinical death, she saw future grandchildren. Death itself lasted several minutes: the doctors were quickly able to reanimate Michaela.

In another world, it was incredibly quiet and calm. Never has a girl experienced warmer emotions. Despite the comfort, Michaela wanted to return to the world of the living so that everything she saw would happen.

In an instant, the girl felt that something was sucking her out through a long tunnel. She felt tears in her face, and after a moment she realized where she was. Like many, during the clinical death of Macael saw her body from the side, for some time she could freely enter and leave it.


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