10 global threats that lie in wait for humanity in 2021

(ORDO NEWS) — In the new year, there may be many reasons for a radical change in the course of history. The Eurasia Group presented ten main ones.

  1. Partitioning America. A change in the president could push citizens to split. The controversy over who won the election confirms the dawn of civil war.
  2. Unfair distribution of vaccines. The chasm between different sectors of society and rich and poor countries will lead to protests and unrest.
  3. Climate change that will generate international competition.
  4. Rising tensions between America and China.
  5. Online censorship that restricts the free flow of data.
  6. Global cyber conflict.
  7. Economic problems in Turkey, which will cause a tough foreign policy. The nationalist “mood” will flare up like a match.
  8. The weakening of the economies of the Middle East due to the fall in oil prices.
  9. Resignation of Angela Merkel.
  10. The crisis in Latin America is not only due to the pandemic, but also due to the elections.

This year will not be easy, but it will lay the foundation for further changes, hopefully for the better.


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