A mysterious power source melts the sidewalks of Israel’s Tel Aviv (VIDEO)

(ORDO NEWS) — Half a month ago, residents of some houses in Tel Aviv faced a problem: the concrete on the sidewalk began to heat up strongly and emit steam. The tests carried out showed a temperature of 60 ° C. Experts have not been able to find a source that heats the surface.

One resident forced utilities to excavate the sidewalk to make sure there was no power line interruption. Unexpectedly for everyone, steam came out of the earth, as if there was a geyser. Most likely, people faced a geological incident.

The experts did not find hazardous substances and objects that threaten the integrity of buildings. The documents include the concept of “captured energy of unknown origin.” The earth is warming up to this day, and research continues.

Local authorities have evacuated people to investigate further. However, all attempts to find out the truth have ended in failure, so people are encouraged to return to their homes. Residents, by the way, do not intend to return until they find out the exact cause of the anomaly. The area is still blocked.


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