World’s first fox-dog hybrid accidentally discovered in Brazil

(ORDO NEWS) — This unusual hybrid creature was discovered back in 2021, but the news only hit the media the other day when a report on this unique hybrid was published in the scientific journal Animals.

Rare hybrid discovered in Brazil

As a result of a revolutionary discovery, scientists have confirmed the existence of a unique animal, a hybrid of a fox and a dog. This surprising find refutes the long-held belief that foxes and dogs cannot interbreed due to significant genetic differences.

This became known after a car accidentally hit a wounded animal in Brazil that had clear signs of both species. Genetic tests have shown that this unusual animal has 76 chromosomes, resulting from the fusion of 74 fox chromosomes and 78 dog chromosomes.

Mysterious hybrid

A hybrid creature with black and red fur, large pointed ears, a narrow snout and a medium bushy tail has caught the attention of veterinarians who were puzzled by its unique characteristics. Although the incident occurred in 2021, news of this unprecedented discovery only surfaced recently when a detailed report on the hybrid was published in the respected scientific journal Animals.

Despite the initial wariness towards humans, the animal surprisingly showed signs of domestication and even allowed itself to be petted.

Genetic analysis showed that the mother of this mysterious creature was a pampas fox, and the father was an unidentified breed of domestic dog.

It is noteworthy that the hybrid turned out to be a female and was capable of successful reproduction.

The hybrid was distinguished by unusual behavior: it sometimes barked like a dog, played with dog toys and moved with the grace and agility of a fox.

The tragic death of the “fox dog” occurred in early 2023 under mysterious circumstances.

It is believed that the injuries sustained when she was hit by a car may have caused serious internal damage, which led to her sad death.

The discovery of this unusual hybrid has caused shock among scientists, who are now speculating about the possible existence of other dog-fox hybrids in the Brazilian wild.

The discovery challenges our understanding of canid genetics and raises intriguing questions about the boundaries of interspecies reproduction.


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