Why do businesses need chatbots all about the technology you were afraid to implement

(ORDO NEWS) — Chatbot is an automatic system for communicating with customers or service users. In other words, it is a robot that helps consumers solve a variety of tasks.

The chatbot algorithm consists of several stages:

  • Receiving a request from a client,
  • Parsing: deciphering speech and determining the needs of the user, preparing a response according to a pre-prepared script, formulating it, sending it,
  • Saving the application for further analysis.

Chatbots differ in terms of implementation platform, development technology, the way they communicate with users, and the functions they are trained in.

For example, there is a simple bot that is linearly and rigidly programmed for a certain sequence of actions and is not able to fully understand all the variability of natural speech. Such robots are closer to button chat bots.

There are also chatbots that use machine learning in their work, thanks to which they can understand spoken human speech, as well as switch from topic to topic without forgetting what the conversation was about. According to such a system, the Alice voice assistant in Yandex or the ZIAX dialogue system platform functions.

The last type of chatbot is trained on real dialogues and, accordingly, can solve more business problems for a particular company.

Chatbots that work according to linear logic or based on flowcharts can be conditionally classified as untrainable. Learners, on the other hand, are created on the basis of machine learning and can expand their knowledge base to understand natural speech.

Why do businesses need chatbots all about the technology you were afraid to implement 2

Chatbots are transforming the usual methods of communication with customers, which allows to improve the quality of customer service.

Also, with the help of this digital technology, business owners have the opportunity to reduce the number of call center employees, thereby reducing costs. The main goal of creating a chatbot for business is to increase customer loyalty.

The digital assistant simplifies and shortens the process of obtaining information about a product or service by a consumer, that is, it allows customers to receive it where it is more convenient – in instant messengers.

Chatbots are an effective technology for both large holdings and small and medium-sized businesses. It allows you to attract a new audience, increase customer loyalty and sales through mailings. Moreover, a chatbot can become a means of communication between employees.

In 2022, chatbots are most in demand in banking, retail and e-commerce. According to forecasts, by 2024 the size of the market for these technologies can grow to 9.4 billion dollars.


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