Who in nature will benefit from global warming

(ORDO NEWS) — Global warming on the planet will not be detrimental to everyone. Scientists from Portugal have discovered that marine plants will only benefit from this.

The fact is that an increase in temperature in the oceans will help marine plants absorb more nitrogen, thanks to which they grow and spread.

Scientists observed marine plants in three European locations. The main object of research was the sea seaside, which is common in many oceans.

Observations led to the conclusion that an increase in temperature will just contribute to a greater absorption of nitrogen.

In addition, it was found that marine plants will better absorb organic nitrogen, because they usually prefer inorganic nitrogen, usually ammonium.

But nevertheless, as specified in the study, marine plants will not only benefit from this. Their distribution will increase biodiversity in the oceans, which can affect the greater absorption of carbon dioxide, which just makes a dramatic contribution to global warming.


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