WhatsApp planning long-awaited update users have desired for years?

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NEW YORK, BRONX (ORDO News) — In a recent leak that has sent waves of excitement through the digital community, it appears that WhatsApp, the beloved messaging app owned by Meta (formerly Facebook), might finally be preparing to make its debut on the iPad. This development comes after years of fervent requests from users who have longed for a dedicated WhatsApp experience on their tablets.

WhatsApp, originally designed exclusively for smartphones, eventually expanded its reach to computers, delighting users who could now chat seamlessly across multiple devices. However, one notable gap remained in their portfolio: WhatsApp for iPad. As of now, the only method to access WhatsApp on an iPad is by using WhatsApp Web through a web browser like Safari, which, although functional, has limitations that users have grumbled about for years.

Social media platforms and online forums have been flooded with the plaintive cries of iPad owners yearning for a native WhatsApp app. Users have pondered why such an obvious and requested feature had not been provided. One frustrated individual even took to Twitter to exclaim, “Why isn’t there WhatsApp for iPad ???? if you have a desktop app then what’s really stopping you bud.”

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However, a ray of hope seems to be on the horizon. Leaked screenshots and reports from reliable sources, like WABetaInfo, have suggested that WhatsApp is in the early stages of testing a dedicated iPad version of the app. According to WABetaInfo, a beta version that is compatible with iPad is currently available for testing through the TestFlight app. This is excellent news for beta testers who can already use the app on their mobile devices.

The leaked screenshots further reinforce this development, showing WhatsApp neatly formatted to fit the wider iPad screen. While this marks a significant step towards a dedicated WhatsApp experience for iPad users, it’s important to note that the app is still in the beta testing phase. As of now, it’s accessible only to those enrolled in TestFlight.

For the uninitiated, TestFlight is an online service owned by Apple that facilitates the installation and testing of new apps. However, it’s worth noting that access to TestFlight is typically reserved for developers participating in the iOS Developer Program. WhatsApp has not officially confirmed if or when this dedicated iPad version will be made available to the general public.

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Nevertheless, iPad users have expressed their elation at the prospect of having WhatsApp as a native app on their devices. One enthusiastic user tweeted, “Finally there is a WhatsApp for iPad. It is so tiring using WhatsApp Web on iPad.” Another user highlighted the growing importance of the iPad in their workflow, saying, “About damn time. The iPad is increasingly THE computer for work, and the absence of a native WhatsApp client is a big pain.”

In a touch of humor, another user quipped, “WhatsApp are to launch WhatsApp for iPad, it took them 13 years,” accompanied by a laughing emoji. This tongue-in-cheek remark captures the sentiment of many long-suffering iPad users who have waited patiently for this moment.

While WhatsApp has not disclosed a specific timeline for the release of the iPad version, the leaked information and ongoing testing indicate that the wait for WhatsApp on iPad may soon be over. This development is poised to make the lives of iPad users more convenient, as they can seamlessly integrate WhatsApp into their daily routines on their beloved tablets.


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