What is an atmospheric front who is fighting there

(ORDO NEWS) — In weather forecasts, we often hear information about the movement of an atmospheric front. But what is it really?

Atmospheric fronts play an important role in our weather. Here’s how they form and what they are

When huge streams of warm and cold air come close to each other, then on the meteorological map you can draw a clear boundary between them, or, as meteorologists say, the line of the atmospheric front. It is with such fronts that rainy weather, the appearance of showers or snowfalls are associated.

The boundary between warm and cold air masses is the surface. This surface is almost horizontal and only slightly, completely imperceptibly, descends to the front line.

Cold air is under the front surface; it forms a shape resembling an ax blade, and warm air is located above this surface. Where the surface is lowered to the very ground, i.e. along the “blade of an ax”, the front line passes.

Since the air masses are constantly in motion, the boundary between them moves in the direction of warm air, then in the direction of cold air.

One very important and characteristic feature can be seen on any weather map: the front line necessarily passes through the center of the area of ​​low pressure, and, conversely, the fronts will


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