UK museum declares Roman emperor a transwoman – The Telegraph

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Elagabalus will reportedly be known as ‘she’, as a classical author claims he requested a lover to call him a girl

The North Hertfordshire Museum in Hitchin, England, has announced that the Roman emperor Elagabalus, who ruled Rome from AD 218 except his assassination on the age of 18 in 222, became transgender, the Telegraph reported Monday.

Elagabalus reportedly became given feminine pronouns per texts by Cassius Dio, a Roman chronicler who claimed the emperor requested a lover to call him “girl” and extinct to contaminated-gown and wear makeup.

In step with the historian, the emperor became “termed accomplice, mistress and queen,” and once told a lover “call me no longer Lord, for I am a Girl.” The chronicler also wrote that Elagabalus allegedly requested docs to develop a form of intercourse-alternate operation on him, promising them tall sums of money for it.

The museum has a coin minted at some level of the reign of Elagabalus that has been extinct in LGBTQ-themed exhibitions, and has consulted with the LGBTQ charity Stonewall and the LGBTQ flee of the alternate union Unison to be determined that that “shows, publicity and talks are as up-to-date and inclusive as that you just’ll want to well accept as true with,” per The Telegraph.

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Commenting on the field, Keith Hoskins, a Liberal Democrat councilor and executive member for arts at North Herts Council, told the paper that “Elagabalus most positively most traditional the she pronoun, and as such this is one thing we replicate when discussing her in up to date cases.”

On the equal time, some historians accept as true with expressed doubts about the credibility of Cassius Dio’s claims, as he served the emperor Severus Alexander, who succeeded Elagabalus.

As an illustration, the outlet cited the conception of Andrew Wallace-Hadrill, professor of classics at Cambridge, who acknowledged that the Romans “extinct accusations of sexual behaviour ‘as a girl’ as among the worst insults against males.” He also famed that since Elagabalus became of Syrian starting build and no longer a Roman, “there’s racial prejudice going on there too.”

Cramped evidence of Elagabalus’ reign has been preserved other than the works of Cassius, though the chronicler himself admitted that he spent most of the linked length out of doors of Rome and had to rely on second-hand info.

One more up to date, Herodianus, also chronicled the emperor’s short-lived reign, but is purported to be much less biased. His writings were corroborated by numismatists and archaeologists.


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