UFO flew out of Popocatepetl volcano again: video published

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — An interesting video appeared on the Web, in which some UFOs fly directly from the mouth of the Mexican volcano Popocatepetl. Flying saucers are often seen near this giant, so ufologists believe that this is where the alien base is located.

Scott Waring, a popular ufologist, said video footage is direct evidence of the existence of aliens and their presence on our planet. Perhaps one of the bases of aliens is located in the vent of the volcano. This is quite real, because the diameter of the vent is about six hundred meters, which is 12 times the size of the humanoid aircraft.

According to the ufologist, the Mexican authorities are aware of the military base of aliens. They entered into a conspiracy with aliens, perhaps for the sake of technology. However, on the other hand, Mexico has never been close to a technological country. The question is what is the essence of such an agreement.

A little about the volcano: its age is more than seven hundred thousand years, and its height is 5450 m. The diameter of the mountain is 25 kilometers. Popocatepetl is active; when the next awakening happens, no one can say.


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