There are planets 200 light-years from Earth that emit an amazing melody

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts have discovered a system of six exoplanets that emit a certain melody. Orbital resonance occurs during rotation around the star.

A star system called TOI-178 is located 200 light years from the globe. It includes six planets that move around their luminary in a strict rhythm, forming some sounds.

“Melody” appears when the planet overcomes either full orbit or 50%. The peculiarity of TOI-178 lies in the fact that the fastest planet passes its orbit in a few days, and the slowest one in 20.

Something similar happens with the moons of Jupiter (Io, Europa and Ganymede). Different speed of rotation of bodies forms the same melody in different octaves.

In the discovered system, the bodies are in a much more complex chain, which surprises specialists. The sound is formed according to the 18: 9: 6: 4: 3 rule. The telescope of the European Southern Observatory made it possible to study the density of each planet (it is radically different). Observations suggested that the system was forming smoothly and calmly.


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