The dried head from the film Wise Blood turned out to be real

(ORDO NEWS) — The dried head has long been considered a papier-mâché theatrical props. Recently, experts from the University of Mercer in Jordan studied this specimen and confirmed that the dried head in the past belonged to a real person. Now the props were sent to Ecuador, it was there that they were made.

Reported by the Daily Mail.

The head examination consisted of several analyzes. She was compared with other authentic heads, and also took tissue and hair scrapings. It turned out that this specimen is a real specimen, better known as tsantsa. In the discovered specimen, the lips are sewn up with plant fibers.

Tsantsa is a rare and unique antiquity. This artifact is an important part of the history of Ecuador. The dried heads were used in tribes for rituals.

This head was used as a prop in a 20th century Hollywood movie. She can be seen in the film “Wise Blood”. After conducting a small investigation, it was found that then no one suspected that the product was genuine.

The “props” were bought in 1942 by Dr. Jameson Harrison. He was a member of the Department of Biology at Mercer University. The doctor described the artifact in his memoirs. He bought it while traveling along the Amazon River. Then Dr. Jameson served in the Air Force and was awarded the rank of colonel.

The Government of Ecuador expressed gratitude for the return of Tsantsa to its historical homeland.


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