Plant on rock found in latest photo of Mars

(ORDO NEWS) -- Famous ufologist and virtual archaeologist Scott Waring announced an unusual find on

Presumably extinct non-photosynthetic plant found in Japan

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Paleontologists discover ancient flowering plant 80 million years old

(ORDO NEWS) -- Scientists have discovered a fossilized flowering plant 80 million years old. It

Mysterious ‘unearthly-colored’ plant turns out to be a new species

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Space survival : Extreme plant adaptation

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Ozone pollution threatens plant health

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Plant was armed with a machete and it tried to attack the scientist

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Microplastics found in plant leaves for the first time

(ORDO NEWS) -- In the studied samples of plant leaves, scientists for the first time

Scientists have identified a plant that is the first to be planted on Mars

(ORDO NEWS) -- The colonization of planets requires the constant provision of food to the

Plant hides underground to catch prey in a way never seen before

(ORDO NEWS) -- We often think of plants as calm, serene organisms that can't help

Biologists have discovered an underground carnivorous plant

(ORDO NEWS) -- A unique carnivorous Nepenthes from Indonesia grows insect traps right in the