Plant was armed with a machete and it tried to attack the scientist

(ORDO NEWS) — Plants showed everything they think about Americans. A US designer used sensors to allow philodendron leaves to take control of a machete-wielding robotic arm.

Judging by these shots, the impulses are quite aggressive. And I must say that the indoor flower controls melee weapons quite skillfully – a sharp blade cuts through the air, attacking an invisible enemy.

This setting allows the living plant to control the machete. The plant machete has a control system that reads and uses the electrical noises found in the living philodendron.

The system uses an open source microcontroller connected to the plant to read resistance changes on the plant’s leaves.

With the help of special software, these signals are compared in real time with the movements of the joints of an industrial robot holding a machete. Thus, the movements of the machete are determined based on the input from the setup.

Essentially, the plant is the brain of the robot that controls the machete, determines how it swings, strikes, cuts and interacts in space.

The technology, while impressive, is not entirely new. Many engineers before Bowen tried to create brain-controlled robots.

Residents of the United States have already asked scientists to stop dangerous experiments and not bring the world closer to an uprising of machines and plants against humanity.


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