New prototype device produces hydrogen from raw seawater

(ORDO NEWS) -- Scientists have found a clever way to produce hydrogen directly from salty

World’s first pure hydrogen gas turbine goes into operation

(ORDO NEWS) -- Gas turbines still have a wide range of applications from the railway

New altitude record set for hydrogen aircraft

(ORDO NEWS) -- Stuttgart-based hydrogen aviation specialist H2FLY has announced that it has lifted its

Giant hydrogen cannon will launch rockets and satellites into space

(ORDO NEWS) -- Rockets are expensive, complex, harmful to the environment and prone to explode

Hydrogen is 11 times worse than CO2 for climate

(ORDO NEWS) -- Hydrogen will be one of humanity's key weapons in the war against

Fuel of the future: how hydrogen turns into metal

(ORDO NEWS) -- Using a diamond anvil, the researchers compressed hydrogen into a metal. Researchers

Airbus will test the A380 on hydrogen

(ORDO NEWS) -- The retired aircraft will become a testing ground for the new fuel.

Scientists will develop an effective sensor for detecting hydrogen leaks

(ORDO NEWS) -- Hydrogen is the fuel with the highest thermal conductivity among gaseous substances,

Life Arose On Hydrogen Energy

(ORDO NEWS) --- How did the first chemical reactions get started at the origin of

Longest known hydrogen cloud in the Milky Way discovered

(ORDO NEWS) -- About 13.8 billion years ago, our universe was born in a giant