World’s first pure hydrogen gas turbine goes into operation

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(ORDO NEWS) — Gas turbines still have a wide range of applications from the railway to generators and compressors.

They usually run on natural gas with the addition of hydrogen. But scientists from Norway have created and launched a gas turbine that runs solely on hydrogen.

The scientists say they are ahead of the curve, claiming to have a gas turbine running entirely on hydrogen since May 2022.

During the operation of the turbine, a large amount of heat, electricity and hot water is used for the needs of Stavinger University. The university has its own microgas power plant.

The team of researchers not only modified the combustion chamber for hydrogen, but also adapted the fuel system and other equipment for this gas, which is significantly different from natural gas.

We set a world record for burning hydrogen in a gas microturbine. No one has reached this level so far.

The performance of a hydrogen gas turbine will be somewhat lower.

But the main advantage is that you can use existing infrastructure, said Professor Mogsen Assadi, head of the research team.

Gas turbines are a thing of the past

In the future, such projects should, according to the developers, lead to the replacement of natural gas turbines that are widely used today with more environmentally friendly fuel sources.

But before they become economically viable, the price of green hydrogen, that is, produced using electricity from renewable sources, must fall significantly.

In the race to zero emissions by 2050, gas turbines will have to adapt or disappear entirely, and several organizations, including General Electric, are considering converting them to burning green hydrogen as a source of clean fuel.

GE has more than 100 turbines running on at least 5% hydrogen by volume, and the company says it is on track for 100%.

Breakthrough in fusion energy

Recently, Swiss scientists have made an important discovery, which will eventually allow more energy to be obtained from fusion reactors, and the installations themselves will become easier to manage. One of the postulates of thermonuclear physics turned out to be false .


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