Mysterious ancient frog mass grave found in England

(ORDO NEWS) -- During excavations of an ancient settlement in England, a huge cache of

In England found a stone with ancient Roman curses and a huge phallus

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Archaeologists in Cornwall, England have found a mysterious Neolithic stone circle

(ORDO NEWS) -- A mysterious stone circle has been discovered at the center of a

Archaeologists uncover exciting ‘Time Capsule’ of Iron Age artifacts in England

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Ancient settlement found in England where dogs were sacrificed

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New Cases Of Antibiotic-Resist Gonorrhoea Detected In England

(ORDO NEWS) -- New cases of an antibiotic-resistant strain of gonorrhoea have been detected in

Menagerie of Ice Age animal bones found in Cave in Devon, England

(ORDO NEWS) -- Archaeological explorations undertaken in anticipation of an upcoming housing project have produced

1st sighting of ‘ball lightning’ in England uncovered

(ORDO NEWS) -- The monks described it as a "fiery globe threw itself down into

‘Exquisite’ wooden figurine dating to early Roman Britain found in a ditch in England

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In England, the surveillance camera filmed a flying Fairy

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Sutton Hoo treasure trail is sought in England

(ORDO NEWS) -- Archaeologists have discovered an Anglo-Saxon settlement that most likely relates to the