AI will allow predicting earthquakes in a few days

(ORDO NEWS) -- The machine learning model was able to recognize the signs of an

Scientists record changes in the magnetic field before earthquakes

(ORDO NEWS) -- Local magnetic fields clearly change 2-3 days before large and medium earthquakes

Impact of the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs caused earthquakes that lasted several months

(ORDO NEWS) -- New geological evidence shows that the global catastrophe caused by the fall

Mechanism of deep earthquakes reproduced in the laboratory

(ORDO NEWS) -- By subjecting samples of mantle rocks to fracture under high pressures and

Neural network has learned to notice earthquakes by changes in the Earth’s gravity

(ORDO NEWS) -- French scientists have developed an artificial intelligence capable of registering earthquakes faster

Record swarm of earthquakes hit Antarctica in connection with the awakening of a dormant

(ORDO NEWS) -- A long-dormant underwater volcano near Antarctica has woken up, triggering a swarm

Mars shakes with mysterious earthquakes we never noticed before

(ORDO NEWS) -- It turns out Mars is louder than we thought. New methods have

MIPT has determined the conditions for the occurrence of the strongest earthquakes

(ORDO NEWS) -- The MIPT Laboratory for Geophysical Research of the Arctic and the Continental

An intense swarm of earthquakes shakes the Manadas volcanic fissure system

(ORDO NEWS) -- An intense earthquake swarm shakes the Manadas volcanic fissure system in the

Mountain-sized chunk of rock hiding under Japan is channeling earthquakes

(ORDO NEWS) -- The Kumano pluton plays an important role in the subduction of Japan's

Search for earthquakes in the ionosphere

(ORDO NEWS) -- In 2010, at 40 minutes past three on April 4 - Easter